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rumtse to kibber


Trip duration : 14 Days

  Best period: June to Mid September 

 Delhi / Leh / Kargil / Delhi

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rumtse to kibber

Day 01 :
RUMTSE – KYAMAR TREK 5HRS : The first day easy walk with two river crossing, living behind the big traffic on Leh to Manali Road . Overnight at Camp

Day 02 :
KYAMAR – TISALING TREK 5-6HRS : This day two pass to be cross and this is the day people mostly get sick of high altitude 4900mt. Overnight at Camp.

Day 03 :
TISALING – PANGUNAGU (TSOKAR) TREK 5-6HRS : One pass to be cross slow up and down and this day good chance to see wild ass (Skyang) camp near the Tsokar Lake . Overnight at camp.

Day 04 :
PANGUNAGU – NURUCHAN TREK 4-5HRS : This day walk along with the lake around three hours then two hour with decent walk to Nuruchan which is Nomade people live in winter. Overnight at Camp.

Day 05 :
NURUCHAN – RAJUNGKARU TREK 3-4HRS : This day is the shortest days of the Trek and good walking with the nomade people in August month have a crossing one pass of Altitude 4900mt and camp almost same altitude. Overnight at Camp.

Day 06 : 
RAJUNGKARU – GYAMA TREK 5-6HRS Today decent walk with good view of snow peak and crossing two of altitude5400mt. Overnight at camp 5200mt.

Day 07 :
GYAMA – KORZOK TREK 6-7HRS : Today interesting in no made headquarters and good view of the Tsomoriri Lake, if you like to see great view of lake 200m claim up from top of Yalungnalu la walk to the right side of the pass. Overnight at Camp.

Day 08 : 
KORZOK – KYANGDAM TREK 6-7HRS This day nice walk by the bank of Tsomoriri lake and good chance to meet the nomade people and very good view of Mentokling Peak . Overnight at Camp.

Day 09 : 
KYANGDAM – NORBOO SUMDO TREK 5-6HRS : This day walk on the flate and easy walk and have cross river of Parang la . Overnight at Camp

Day 10 :
NORBOO SUMDO : GETPA BUZUK TREK 4-3HRS. Today is also short day walk along with the Parang chu and good view of snow peak and cliff rock. Overnight at Camp

Day 11 :
GETPA BUZUK : TARANG YOKMA TREK 5-6HRS – Continues walk along with Parang Chu and have chance see the Ibex and Deer . Overnight at Camp.

Day 12 :
TARANG YOKMA – PARANGLA BASE TREK 4-5HRS This day is nice walk to towards Parang La camp near the Glacier there is no grass for horses .Overnight at Camp.

Day 13 :
PARANG LA BASE – THALTAK TREK 8-9HRS Today is longest day walk and very nice walk also walk on the Glacier two hours until top and good view of the Spiti Range valley and walk down 1000mt and again climb up 400 mt Altitude of Parang La 5570mt . Overnight at Camp.

Day 14 :
THALTAK – KIBBER TREK 4HRS This day is very nice walk in the Spiti valley and Camp Kibber village which highest village in the world . overnight at Kibber…..

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rumtse to kibber